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The same caveat will apply if the user declines the September refresh to Office No new features will be offered the applications. Previously, Microsoft said that Office for Mac — the "perpetual" license version of the suite — would be supported on only the two latest editions of macOS. Office for Mac sports the same requirement. Once Apple releases macOS The company has also scheduled the smartphone introductions several days after the U. Because of those two rough rules, it was always unlikely that Apple would hold an iPhone event in the first week of the September — too early in the month — or on Tuesday, September Instead, Apple will unveil the new iPhones on the following day, September 12, a Wednesday.

With that date on the calendar, it's probable that Apple will replicate its schedule by releasing iOS 12 on Tuesday, September 18, six days after the iPhone event. Because Mr. Heid was only snapping stills, the webcam LED only lit up for a second. Installing those nagging security and OS updates are a must — on your phone, laptop, router, thermostat, really anything that connects to the internet. They include the latest attempts to patch the holes that hackers use to get in.

But why? In both cases — Mac and PC — the built-in system software did its job and issued clear warnings that she had to ignore for the attack to proceed. And even then — on both Mac and PC — the light next to the camera went on when it was in use. Security researchers at Johns Hopkins released a paper in revealing that the indicator lights on Macs released prior to could be circumvented by software. I linked to this in , wondering if the same exploit was possible on more recent Macs.

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The original cameras had the problem that the JHU researchers detailed in the article that your linked to. The part used was fairly common and the firmware was just in RAM hence the loading after a cold boot , as oppose to flashed. All cameras after that one were different: The hardware team tied the LED to a hardware signal from the sensor: If the I believe vertical sync was active, the LED would light up.

The actual firmware is indeed flashable, but the part is not a generic part and there are mechanisms in place to verify the image being flashed. My concern would be a situation where a frame is captured so the LED is lit only for a very brief period of time.

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The still photo problem — where the light only turns on for the instant the image is being captured — is interesting. But I would wager real money that the camera indicator light cannot be circumvented by software on any Mac released this decade.

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As I wrote back in about taping over your webcam:. I think this is nonsense. Malware that can surreptitiously engage your camera can do all sort of other nefarious things. And if you do have malware on your Mac, the webcam is likely the least of your problems.

MacOS I got a fascinating email from a Genius Bar tech recently, who said that his time the last few years had been consumed more and more by Mac malware problems. Any podcast that spends minutes talking about the design of a book cover is catnip for me.

A story of farcically bad government turns heartbreaking by the end. Another suspect is Saudi Arabia, which incurred the wrath of The Washington Post by murdering and dismembering their columnist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul last October. For reasons still to be better understood, the Saudi angle seems to hit a particularly sensitive nerve. Or were they using some other platform? This matters because SMS is not encrypted. Something unusual happened to me yesterday.

Well, that got my attention. But not in the way they likely hoped. On that point, numerous people have contacted our investigation team about their similar experiences with AMI, and how they needed to capitulate because, for example, their livelihoods were at stake. Reminiscent of when David Letterman exposed an extortion attempt regarding extramarital affairs in Just last week it emerged that a year-old uncovered a bug that allowed snooping on iPhone and Mac users thanks to a problem in FaceTime.

Now German year-old Linus Henze has uncovered a vulnerability affecting the latest Apple macOS that leaves stored passwords open to malicious apps. That could include logins for your bank website, Amazon, Netflix, Slack and many more apps. Why in the world Apple only offers security bounties for iOS is beyond my comprehension. Apple released iOS The bug was originally reported to Apple by Michele Thompson after her year-old son, Grant, discovered that you could add yourself to a Group FaceTime call and force recipients to answer immediately.

Apple was initially slow to respond, but the company has now credited the discovery to Grant Thompson of Catalina Foothills High School. The documents list not only the companies that had access to the data, but specific phone numbers that were pinged by those companies. In some cases, the data sold is more sensitive than that offered by the service used by Motherboard last month, which estimated a location based on the cell phone towers that a phone connected to.

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CerCareOne sold cell phone tower data, but also sold highly sensitive and accurate GPS data to bounty hunters; an unprecedented move that means users could locate someone so accurately so as to see where they are inside a building. This story from January — also broken by Cox — just got a whole lot worse. Apple Inc has moved its modem chip engineering effort into its in-house hardware technology group from its supply chain unit, two people familiar with the move told Reuters, a sign the tech company is looking to develop a key component of its iPhones after years of buying it from outside suppliers.

Modems are an indispensable part of phones and other mobile devices, connecting them to wireless data networks. Apple once used Qualcomm Inc chips exclusively but began phasing in Intel Corp chips in and dropped Qualcomm from iPhones released last year. The organizational move has not been previously reported.

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We believe that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products we make, and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution. Right now Apple only has two choices for modems: Qualcomm and Intel. In September , the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced the winners of a ShotonOnePlus photo contest in India to celebrate the best photos captured by its phone cameras.

One of the winning shots was a shock to photographer Aman Bhargava: Submitted by photographer Pratyush Yadav , the photo looked like a slightly cropped version of a photo Bhargava captured in and posted to Instagram on May 22, So there are two levels of fraud here. First, Yadav clearly stole the photo from Bhargava.

I had to ask Angela Ahrendts this question: There was a significant pause before she answered:. It is wonderful when you know everything there is to know about the industry, because you grew up in it. I have two kids there — they were at university when we moved and they decided to stay. My son is a budding musician with an honours degree in song writing and my daughter has an honours degree in marketing — she works for a start up magazine and he does gigs round London and writes great music!

I miss them, obviously. But California is not so bad!

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  4. The only consistency, many of these people say, lay in how obvious it was that Wisconsin struck a weak deal. It also based income tax revenue projections on the implausible assumption that every employee would live in Wisconsin, whereas some would almost certainly commute from nearby Illinois.

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    Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. Instead, they describe the billionaire, who charmed them with stories of his early days selling TV parts in the Midwest, as almost philanthropic. I say we do not just forget about it. After a pause, she replies: It is wonderful when you know everything there is to know about the industry because you grew up in it.

    There are things about the fashion industry that I miss, but I went to Apple because I felt it was a calling to one of the greatest companies on the planet. I felt we could even do a little of what we did at Burberry: Since RAM Doubler is an extension, there are no controls, no configuration.