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It's nearly impossible to read that paragraph and not be devastated. But by watching the accompanying video, you can see firsthand the joy these two brought into each other's lives, and that may at least bring some comfort. As a brief recap, Grande and Miller collaborated on her song "The Way" in They later dated for nearly two years, publicly announcing their split in May of this year. At the time, Grande wrote in a post on her Instagram Story:. That same sentiment is echoed in her new IG post, where she refers to the late artist as her "dearest friend.

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Mac Miller, "Diablo". Mac Miller. Mac Miller and Chief Keef probably have a lot to talk about. Like Miller, Chief Keef was swept into rap stardom as a teen, only to reject fame in favor of pursuing his own idiosyncratic muse.

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Vince Staples. Staples damn near delivered the verse of his life on this 9th Wonder-produced "Faces" cut.

This seven-minute cut from "GO: He takes a frank look at his life, resolving to "man up" and admit his problems. Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller, "Guild".

Ariana Grande Knows Her "Thank U, Next" Album Art Is Part of a Pattern

I saw it today. He was striving for perfection, just like in his music. He hit me back and let me know that nothing is ever a setback. So for that, thank you Mac.

Ariana Grande on Why Mac Miller Wasn't in the "Thank U, Next" Burn Book

We love you and you inspire people beyond what you will ever know. You gave me opportunities people never would give me. I just want to say thank you. He was such a bright spark, every time you saw him, interacted with him he was just like so excited, excitable about music.

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You could hear it in everything he did. We had a system going, man. I would come I would talk the whole back half of your workout. You would talk the front half of my workout.

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We work out for half the time, no results, no sweat, though. Come on man, I miss my partner.

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Love, always love. Thank you for sharing that with us. Every time you were there for me to listen. There for me to give your side, your perspective.