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There are dozens of those, including various from readers:. Now, enjoy. I have to go lie down, as I think all this Club-Mate sponsorship has made me feel a bit lightheaded.

How to Install Ableton Live Skins

Music tech Software Stories Tech. Peter Kirn - July 10, Add comment. There are dozens of those, including various from readers: I'm using it. The purple filter lines are okay, but a non-pastel green or a bright red would be better. Overall the best skin I've seen, and I'm using it.

Thanks so much. Thanks for your feedback! I think bright red seem to break the spirit of the theme and green appears to be more suited. Tell me what you think about it: Sweet I am loving it! I'm sticking with the green line version, that's the perfect shade of green. I hate pink so the purple automation lines are good but would it be possible for them to be made green too?

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I don't mean to sound like a bitch, just giving feedback. No problem man, constructive feedback is very well appreciated! I added a third version with the green automation colors ;.

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Can you make it so highlighted notes turn dark green or some other color to differentiate between the two? Thanks for your feedback, I updated all 4 themes, to have the selection set to green now not too bright to make the piano roll better. In the process it changed all the selection colors but it seems to be ok now even. This skin has been my favorite yet sans the piano roll quirk , and I have about 30 skins hahaha, seriously, huge props for tweaking as per requests.

How to change language and color theme in Ableton Live

Much appreciated!! Hey mate, sorry to keep pestering. But if you are looking for any more feedback on the skin, one thing I noticed that could definitely improve the skin is by tweaking is the shading per velocity amount on midi notes. Right now when I lower the velocity of a midi note from to 50 etc the color of blue doesn't really change that much at all. When I want to change velocity of multiple drums in the drum rack it is sometimes very difficult to distinguish the overall amounts. I hope you can fix it!! This is on the way to becoming the best skin for real, so I hope you can.

Thanks again, I guess you are referring to the purple color? I updated all the themes again to improve this, it's far from perfect but it is a little improvement.

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I hope it will help a bit. It's really hard to chooses the colors because everything is so tied together, in part because Ableton does not allow to change a single color at once: I feel you man, I tried to make a skin once with the max4live editor and pooped myself and gave up instantly because of the color coordination issues.

Installing Custom Ableton Skins (Mac OSX)

I look forward to trying the new skin, and thank you as always, you are a top knotch gentleman and scholar for following through and updating it. I agree with you, I wanted to make it green at start. I tried to reach a balance between that button contrast and the readability of thoses buttons with the white text.

Thank you very much! I've been hoping for a skin like this. The piano roll in particular is something that annoyed me so much on other skins. Great work! If I dim down the green lines they will be too dark compared to the buttons I guess so I changed the colors of the lines to be the exact same as the buttons, it isn't dimmed down but it will be more consistent with the averall green colors.

It is also easier on the eyes. I hope it will be better for you. Unfortunately, the text in black is hard coded in ableton, it is not possible to change it.

How to change language and color theme in Ableton Live

It depends on your screen but on mine it is far from perfect but it is somewhat ok. Now, for the arrows, I made the arrow frame a little bit brighter on the update like 5 points in RGB , it's really not that much. On my screen it is a bit better but I guess it won't fix the problem on yours. The problem here is that, the frame color of the arrow is linked to all the frames of all controls. If I make it even brighter, it will be disgusting haha. As for the color of the arrow itself, it is tied to the color of disabled controls.

I tried to change it but it makes the skin too flat and that color is used on all controls the little arrow. If you want, give it a try with the ableton live skin editor, the value to change is "ControlBackground". Thanks a lot for your feedback! Just updated it again with purple colors for drum rack, so it will be a bit more readable: Simply right click on one and edit the color in the usual way, as described in detail in the last skins tutorial.

You can copy colors from anywhere on the web and load them in as explained there. Make sure to load the Developer Picker as it may be related to the alpha transparency required. If you want to go back a step and change a color in the first one you make, you might have to delete the Skin editor and drag it in again. Try one or two at a time and keep notes. Otherwise it will drive you crazy. Save each one as an. Make sure you close Preferences in between each one.

I save This is an important one. The main dividing lines and trim edges, also the color of the waveform in Simpler, and the color of the vertical grid lines in the Note Editor. See also 96, and make sure these two are not too similar.

How to change language and color theme in Ableton Live

The main trim around the edge. Color it what you want, not too similar to 7 if you want contrast there. Get the balance right between 7, 8 and The range in slider boxes, default is orange. You have selected this item for this part of Live but currently clicked elsewhere.