Kies for mac not connecting

Android File Transfer - Could not connect to device Error on Mac

Kies alternates between "Connecting" and "Please connect a device. Sometimes with persistence in plugging and unplugging I can eventually get it to connect. But that simply shouldn't be happening. Can anyone help? The Samsung support site only points me to a "Troubleshoot connection" button that doesn't exist on the Mac interface.

Posted on Dec 29, It doesn't do anything more than give you a window to drag and drop into, but that will suit my purposes for now. Thanks for the responses, everyone. Posted on Jan 28, 7: Page content loaded. Dec 29, Dec 29, 1: The link I provided suggests a utility called "Smart Switch" instead of Kies if you have a device that can use it. Dec 29, 2: And these problems may bring disappointments and difficulties to you.

Android file transfer not working fixed on my Mac finally

Of course there are solutions to the above mentioned problems. You can reinstall Samsung Kies from your PC and mobile phone, force to restart the application, turn off debugging mode, use USB cables instead of Wi-Fi, restart your handset, etc. Aside from performance related problems, users are also having a hard time installing Samsung Kies on PC due to high requirements.

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Continue reading below and discover these efficient Samsung Kies alternatives. If you want a complete, efficient, convenient, lightweight and feature-filled phone management software, the Apowersoft Phone Manager is what you need best. Furthermore, the Apowersoft Phone Manager is equipped with different functions that are beneficial for users. Some of the things it can do are listed below but not limited to:. Using Apowersoft Phone Manager is very easy.

Use Apowersoft Phone Manager

Additionally, it provides a smooth process with no known problems unlike Samsung Kies crashes, stuck or not working. After installing the software on your computer, all you need to do is:.

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But instead get to enjoy wonderful exclusive toolkit features such as manage all media files on your phone, take phone screenshots and many more. Tons of users are reporting the same problem while there are no known solutions that are guaranteed to work. The only thing you can do is to use third party programs that work just like Samsung Kies.

[Solved] Samsung Kies Cannot Detect My Phone, How to Fix It?

The Samsung Kies alternative can sometimes perform even better than the original. That's because the USB you used might be broken so it cannot make the phone be detected. Besides, you can try to use a different port on your computer meanwhile. If the issue is caused by the USB cable or port, this means can fix it easily.

How to fix connection issues between Kies and Samsung Smartphone

If the USB cable and port are normal and run well, you can try to restart everything, including Samsung phone, Kies and computer. This can refresh the system of the device and software and turn off all the background programs. After that, you can build a connection between Samsung phone and computer as usual and then launch Kies to make the connected phone be recognized.

An old version of Samsung Kies would affect the syncing process so just check the version before you begin the transmission. Once you see any update available here, tap on it and follow the instructions to install the latest version on PC and then reconnect the phone to have a see.

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Another possibility is that Kies is installed improperly so it cannot work well. To fix this issue, you can uninstall the software on your computer at first and then reinstall it.