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Even though many may feel this dish has too much salt, and fat, except for the canned soup it is home made, and real food. And next time I could plan ahead to make cream of chicken soup. Yes you could cut it in half. The cooking time would likely be less so you might have to keep an eye on it. I would say about minutes. I would like to make this to take to a holiday feast at my kids daycare tomorrow — can it be reheated in the crock pot on warm? Yes it can. Thank You! I also just noticed that someone else asked the same question, so thank you for taking the time to answer me!

Doubling this recipe almost fills my 6QT so you might need two slow cookers to quadruple the recipe. Has anyone had any luck freezing this? I like to double recipes and freeze half. If I did freeze it would it be after cooking? Then just thaw and reheat? I want to make this recipe for thanksgiving! Do you think it would be alright to double the recipe? I just tested doubling this today! Worked perfectly!

It looks absolutely Delish. I sampled for taste and the cream of chicken seems to be overpowering right now. Should I modify whatsoever? Did you double the recipe? This recipe looks fantastic but is there a substitute for the cream of chicken soup? I am gluten free so cannot eat that. I have only tried this recipe as written. Hopefully another reader may have a gluten free suggestion! You could make your own cream of chicken soup using cornstarch, or another thickener such as tapioca starch. I am making this on thanksgiving.. I have 10 adults. Should I double the recipe?

Has anyone ever doubled it? Thanks and happy holidays! Hi Holly. Do you think it would be ok to make ahead of time in the crockpot and then refrigerate? And put it on warm to heat it back up? I made this last night and my husband and I were very overwhelmed by the amount of cheese and felt it was overpowering I used 4 cups of shredded cheddar.

It was creamy but I think next time I will decrease the amount of cheese. Yes, I think it would work well as cheesy hashbrowns. I want to make this, but with a different type of pasta. Is 2 cups of dry macaroni the same as a 16 ounce box? The small regular cans or the larger cans? I tried the crock pot Mac and cheese. I was awesome. Planning now to cook mine this way for Thanksgiving. I made this last evening and it was wonderful! Anyone have advice? Note, I doubled the recipe and used condensed cheddar soup and condensed cream of mushroom to make this vegetarian friendly for a large potluck.

Thanks, Holly! Even Cream of Celery would seem to work better. What did I do wrong? Cheese all separated! Plus brown around sides. Dairy can separate in the slow cooker when it is cooked for too long or on too high of a temperature. How long did you cook it for? It is possible that your slow cooker runs a little bit hotter. You could try yogurt or greek yogurt in place of the sour cream. Anyway, I have been trying Mac and cheese recipes for years. I have tried them all.

I look for the right balance between cost, ease of recipe and of course taste. This recipe I tried because of how different the ingredients were. I was a bit skeptical but went ahead and tried it. OMG is all I have to say. The taste is amazing and so easy to make. I would cook on low next time as high burned the sides which tasted great! This recipe is amaze balls! My family and I loved it! Fortunately, we always have fontina. I love fontina because I like the way melts. Boy, this turned out delicious! I am going to have to try this again, and next time I will make it exactly as the recipe says.

You may have already answered this is another comment, but do you think a can of cheddar cheese soup would work instead of cream of chicken, mushroom or celery? Or would that be TOO cheesy? I added a cup of diced ham. I will definately make this again. The crock pot mac n cheese sounds divine!! I have 2 large crockpots, so could I double or even triple the recipe for each crock pot or would the noodles take up too much room for it to cook properly? I would say you could easily double it for each slow cooker.

This looks so good, but I would like to triple the recipe for a crowd. Do you suggest keeping the cooking time the same in the crockpot? Also, do you suggest shredded cheese in the bag or shred a block of cheese? You may like to add a little bit onto the cooking time and give it a stir while cooking just to make sure the center gets heated too. While either would work, I personally shred my own cheese as the pre-shredded does have extra starches added to keep the cheese from sticking. Thank you for this amazing recipe! I stumbled upon it last month, and it has become a favorite!

My kids who are 21 and 22 make it too! Delicious fast and easy for us very busy people. If you make it in the oven instead of the slow cooker do you cook the macaroni fully or still al dente.

Crock Pot Mac and Cheese | Brown Eyed Baker

Used cream of mushroom soup instead. Also mixed it some buttered panko bread crumbs. Do you think substituting gluten free vegetable broth would work in place of the cream of chicken soup? I want to make this crockpot Mac and cheese so bad, but I have someone who has a gluten allergy and another who is a vegetarian. Thank you for your help. The broth and they cream of chicken are very different in consistency. You would likely need to find something that is a creamier texture to substitute. Has anyone tried subbing the mayo out for this recipe?

Both of my kids are allergic to egg, so mayo is a no go in our house! I want to try it because Mac and cheese in the crockpot would be heaven sent for us! I made this tonight and my daughter and I loved it! So easy and so satisfying! I added some cream cheese to it for my own twist but I think it would have been great without it. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. I hope you enjoy it! Can you double this recipe? Great idea for football spaghetti dinner but need at least double this amount! You can double it depending on slow cooker size you would need at least a 6QT slow cooker and will likely need to give it a stir in the middle of cooking.

I tried this crockpot mac and cheese. I doubled the recipe. I only used cheddar cheese. It was awesome. Her request. Will be where I cook my Mac and cheese for Thanksgiving this year. Can you tell me what size crock pot you used for your recipe as posted?

Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese

And can the same sized crock pot be used if I doubled the recipe? Thank you so much for your advice! This was cooked in a 4QT slow cooker. You have the patience of Mine answering the same questions over and over. Making mac n cheese tonight. Did you use condensed cream of chicken…. I have that on hand would prefer to use it…….. Made the recipe just as it is written and everyone loved it…..

The smokey Gruyere cheese really makes this dish! Only change I would make is to add more cheese by half more of each kind to make it creamier! Thank you we loved it! This is seriously the best Mac n cheese ever!! Seriously amazing!! Thank you so much for such a great recipe! This is yummy but I have a silly question. If you use all cheddar cheese no greyere , do you use 4 c cheddar cheese or 7 c?

This is delicious! Have you ever tried putting panko on top when baking in the oven? I know people have been leery about Mayo. I was Leary about cream of chicken soup in Mac n cheese.. I followed the recipe exactly. My crock Pot cooks way too high, even on low, so mine was done in an hour and. Had to add milk as it was all in one clump.. End result, was requested to be made again. I tried this tonight and it was delicious! I made a few changes. I added 1tsp of garlic powder and a cup of noodles. When it was done, I decided I wanted it to be a little crusty, so I poured it into my cast iron Dutch oven, added bread crumbs and put it under the broiler.

This is a keeper! I was in a hurry so I forgot to look for some gruyere swiss so I just used cheddar. I also only had shell macaroni on hand. This will be on the Thanksgiving table this year, too! Thanks for an easy and indulgent mac and cheese!!! Did you measure the cheese using measuring cups 4 cups? Did you make the recipe exactly as written?

Hungry for more?

I would be more likely to add a dash of dijon mustard. On the video it says condensed soup and here it says cream of chicken soup. Which is the best soup to use? I would love to try this dish — but one child is a vegetarian — what would be a good substitute for the chicken soup? Mine did not get creamy like this. Its rather chunky. Not sure what happened… I used the Mayo that has olive oil in it, would that make a difference? Did you substitute any other ingredients? While looking for the cream of cheddar I spotted cream of bacon!!!

I had no idea that there was such a thing. I am not so patiently waiting for it to cook — it tasted amazing uncooked so I can just imagine how awesome it will be all hot and creamy. I am baking in a huge roasting pan. Wish me luck, I sooooo hope this turns out as good as others have commented!

Thanks again! Is that right? Or are you saying I can replace Gruyere with 1 cup cheddar?? Quick question! Is it mayo as in hellmans mayo or miracle whip mayo? LOVE this recipe!! Thanks Holly! Love your recipes…again!!! I love the additions you make! Thank you so much for sharing your tips for cooking it in the slow cooker! Just put everything in the crock pot. Used mozzarella, feta and cheddar. I also added some minced garlic.

I have 3 teenage boys so I have doubled the recipe. Looks amazing. The cooking time will need to be slightly adjusted depending on how full the slow cooker is and you may need to stir it part way through cooking. Has any one tried using gluten free noodles in this recipe? As a vegetarian what soup would you suggest to replace the chicken? I am not a mac n cheese fan but was asked to bring something for kids at a bbq. Figured mac n cheese fit the request. I am sooooo glad i made your recipe. Could probably have tripled the recipe and still run out. Amount made based on camper crockpot size.

Yes, honey, yes! I tried it and loved it. So much easier than cooking on the stove and stirring a bunch of cheese into condensed milk until melted. Oh, and I only needed 2 hours on low so definitely check your own slowcooker. Are there any variations for all day slow cooking? I put things in before I leave for work in the morning. I tried this last week and it is amazing! The only thing I added was chicken. My family loved it. I will definitely be making this again.

Do you cook everything in the crock pot on high for 2 hours before you add the noodles or is that with the noodles? I am going to try this tonight!! I have never made mac and cheese, other than kraft lol, however this sounds pretty easy, and I have read alot of the comments, and figure why not try it! My whole family loves mac and cheese so this will make them all happy!

At the top of the recipe it says a total of 12 mins but at the bottom of the recipe it says hours. Which is it? I just wanted to say that this recipe is a find and a keeper!! I was in search for a delicious, creamy mac and cheese and this one is it! I used 4 cups of sharp cheddar and it had great taste.

Gruyere cheese is a little pricey may use it for a special holiday. Other than that …. This was adapted from a recipe my mom gave me and it's one of our favorites too! What about a roasting pan? You can certainly double and bake this recipe. If doubling this in the slow cooker you may need to adjust the cooking time slightly but several readers have had success doubling this recipe. HELP, I followed your directions, but it did not turn out creamy at all, had a great taste, but it was a big stuck together ball.

I will review what I did so you can help, thanks. So what did I not understand, we would like to try again because we liked the flavor. Thank you for helping me. I hope that helps. Oh my gosh, no wonder — thanks for your help. Hello, I would love to try this recipe.

That would definitely work! This recepi seems amazing! If I want to do a larger portion for 40 people. Should I really multiply it by around 6? This recipe is one of my favorites I am making a video of it this week coming up!! You may like to consider baking it in the oven. Want to make this and was just looking at the comments. So glad I did. Glad to know I can use cream of celery or cream of mushroom. Will be making this very soon. If using cheddar cheese, I just wanted to make sure that it is correct that you would use 4 cups vs.

Also, do you shred the cheese or just cut into cubes? The cheese should be shredded. I only had to cook the noodles for 3 minutes before tossing in slow cookers. Outstanding recipe. I was in too much of a hurry to taste it, but it smelled heavenly. On the way to the car, one of the handles on my crock pot broke and the whole thing smashed on the ground. I just wanted to thank you for posting such wonderful recipes.

Oh my gosh, how heartbreaking! Have a great weekend Dianne! I made this last night and it is amazing! My picky 6 year old liked it and my 2 year old loved it. My husband even thought it was quite tasty. I will be making it again very soon as I still have enough Gruyere for another batch! I also used cream of broccoli soup, and while I found it to be tasty, I did not particularly care for the broccoli flavor nobody else seemed to notice though. I will use cream of celery next time. Also, I cooked it on low and it was done in an hour. Good thing I set a timer to make sure I mixed it! I made this for a birthday party.

It turned out great! I doubled the recipe, but forgot to buy double some of the ingredients so I made due with pantry items. I used 1 can of cheese soup and one can of can of chicken. I also used 6 cups of medium cheddar cheese and 2 cups of American. Everything else was by the recipe. It turned out great and everyone loved it. Thoughts on if I should double or triple this? I think double would likely be enough however, this recipe does reheat well. Do you think it would be ok to combine all ingredients tonight and keep in the fridge, except the noodles?

Since I was short on time, I made it in the oven, and it came out perfectly. My family absolutely loved it! Thanks for the great recipe. I made this tonight and it came out great! I did cook it in the oven because I like the crispy edges. The only differences from the original recipe I did was using smoked gruyere instead of the regular and I added chopped ham to make it more of a meal. Thinking about doubling this and making it for christmas dinner. This is defiantly a special occasion dish due to the extreme richness of it overall.

Because of past failures, I must admit I was initially a bit sceptical about some of the ingredients used in this recipe — the can of soup? The mayonnaise? It turned out savoury and cheesy and creamy with a wonderful texture. The whole family loved it! Does this recipe reheat well?

If I make this the night before a party, could I just turn the crock pot on warm the a few hours before the event and add some extra milk? Because this recipe only takes hours to cook, you might like to prepare your ingredients the night before and cook it before the event instead of reheating it. This recipe looks super yummy! I made crock pot mac once and at the end it was very grainy..

Question, though: Like Colby-Jack, perhaps? I think most cheeses would work well in this recipe. I might recommend a sharper cheese just for flavor. I have a similar recipe, but instead of cream soup, you use a can of cheddar cheese condensed soup…extra cheesiness. This recipe looks amazing! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Jen! Hopefully someone else here has tried it and can give you some feedback. What did you use for time and temp? Did you brown it at the end of baking? Yes, it does get the yummy crusty cheese at the edges.

I bake at F for 1 hour. I do it covered for 30 min and then remove the foil and bake an additional 30 minutes. Can you recommend a fix? I used full fat mayo and sour cream and full fat cheeses. Cooking it too long or on too high a temperature can cause the separation. It is possible that your slow cooker cooks at a higher temperature. This is in the crock pot now for dinner. I substituted shredded Swiss instead. I am serving it with homemade beanie weenies. I grew up on that meal combination. Currently in the crock pot right now.

I had 4 cups of velvetta cheese on hand and used that. Is that going to change the outcome? I made this yesterday afternoon for my family and all I can say is how incredibly delicious it was. Thank you, Holly!!!!

Does it have a tangy flavor or does the cheese cover up the tang you would get with the mayo and sour cream? The only thing I have a beef with in this recipe is how vague it is on how big the can of soup is. I ended up putting a second can in the pot. Turned out wonderful. This was my first mac and cheese I ever made from scratch.

Followed the recipe as written but doubled the recipe as I was taking it to my husbands work xmas party in a crockpot. It was devoured! I too questioned the mayonnaise ingredient but it seemed like a credible binder without the egg. I had seen another comment recommending staying away from pre-shredded cheese as the ingredient that keeps it from sticking together in the bag inhibits the sticking together in a casserole.

Truly awesome recipe, making it again tonight for my family. I had another Mac n cheese planned for thanksgiving today, but saw this last night and decided to switch.

Hope it turns out as good as yours!! Either way the cheese totals 4 cups. Enjoy, this is my absolute favorite! Holly, Which do you prefer? With Gruyere or just cheddar? What does the Gruyere do for the taste? Personally I love the flavor the gruyere adds. This was awesome! Thanks so much for the great recipe. Holly I do not have access to a stove top or oven. I only have the crock pot and a microwave. Can I make this? Yes, this recipe can be made in the slow cooker. You can cook the pasta in the microwave before adding to the slow cooker.

Holly, When I use the oven, do I first bake it covered for 30 minutes, then uncovered for 30 minutes, for a total of 60 minutes? Or…bake it either covered or uncovered for a total of 30 minutes? I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw all the ingredients needed but WOW! Thanks for a great new recipe: Wanting to make this for Thanksgiving!.

Reading the reviews on how good it is makes me so excited: What kind of Chedder cheese is best? Wondering if I can freeze this before cooking? If you do try, please let us know how it works out! Made this for dinner tonight! Totally a keeper recipe!!! I doubled the recipe — tonight I was cooking for 8 ; and had about a bowl left over. I also used cottage cheese in place of the gruyere. So yummy!!! Thanks for the recipe!!! Weird question, but is it 1 lb of noodles. Since 2 cups would be 16 oz.. And do it that way.

5-Cheese Mac & Cheese as made by Lawrence Page

In this case, I used ounces as a measure of weight oz. So half a pound would be perfect. Simple food, made without processed ingredients, tastes so much better and is better for you. Also, crock pots are for lazy people. This recipe really is delicious!! I agree. Crock pots are not for lazy people.

Slow Cooker Chicken Pasta with Corn and Goat Cheese

They are for very busy people that want to feed their families good nutritious meals. Well that was kind of rude. By that standard, I guess we should all build a fire outside and cook over that. What is the difference it you use the oven or a slow cooker? Anyway, I am making this now, and so far what I have tasted is great. Coral, I agree with you. What June said is totally rude, and also ridiculous. I have a daughter and two daughters-in-law who are all great cooks, and all use crock pots. My daughter is a busy stay-at-home mother of 3 and makes delicious home made meals in her crock pot frequently.

One daughter-in-law is a women who works 50 hours a week, and uses a crock pot mostly for family get-togethers. Her cooking would blow you away. The other daughter-in-law is the mom of a baby and works part time. Crockpots are mainly for BUSY people! You do a little prep work, go to work or have fu. With the fam and dinner is ready when you get home. This recipe looks fantastic! This one I am definitely trying. Thank you for sharing! Crockpots are for lazy people??? Or anything for that matter. The crockpot makes meat SO tender and delicious!! Bless your heart….

I totally agree!! I worked 72 hours a week after my husband died. If not for crock pots my kids would have had to eat fast food junk. Lazy people? No its for a mom that works 22 hours a day and still needs to feed her family of 6. I plan to make this for a get together with friends. Crock pots make it stay warm until it is time to eat. Laziness has nothing to do with it. When we get home from school functions, baseball, dance, playing at the park, going to the library, nature walks, bike riding, and everything else we are doing together as a family, we finish out our day by sitting down together to a hot, healthy, home-cooked meal.

If it makes me lazy because I would rather spend time with my family, than spend half the afternoon cooking, I guess yay for being lazy! A LOT cheaper; the cost of a couple tablespoons butter and flour and milk are less than mayo, sour cream and soup…….. Added a can of diced tomatoes and some chopped weiners to it, then cooked bacon on top……. Is there any way to cheat on that part, like add some water and let the noodles get cooked while it heats? I am definitely going to play with it and let you know if I come up with a way to do it!

I want to try the raw noodles also. Am thinking I might have to cook a little longer and add the creamed products later. I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and not even a microwave. My boys want Mac and Cheese and I was wondering if you figured out how to make this without boiling the noodles first? Fantastic mac and cheese! Easy to make! This is definitely a keeper!

I guess our slow cooker runs hot. I put in for 3 hours on low and after 45 min this was done but we were not ready yet so i put it to simmer. The sauce broke and lost the creaminess. I would also change creme chicken to creme celery. I only ask because I have cream cheese in the fridge, but no sour cream: Cream cheese is richer than sour cream so I might consider cutting back a little. I am going to make this today, but I think I am going to add a splash or two of white wine…. Just found this and it looks to die for. I love Mac and cheese, started make ng from scratch with Velveeta. Anxious to try this one!

Anything comparable in taste for the blend? And just a note. I have a friend who adds a raw egg to her stove top recipe at the end, stirring quickly to blend and not to cook it in chunks. Tastes okay! As far as a substitution for Gruyere, you can try swiss which I find a little sharper than gruyere. We keep kosher — no meat with milk. Instead of cream of chicken soup, would cream of mushroom or broccoli work? Any other suggestions? Just out it in my crock pot right now it looks like all Mayo and sour cream… a little worried. How long has it been in the slow cooker? It is a very creamy macaroni but always turns out perfectly for me.

If you do try it, please let us know how it works out for you. It tastes like gramma used to make. Thank you for sharing!!!!! Want to try the recipe but think I will put crushed Ritz crackers over the top and bake or broil quickly in hot oven. My family likes the topping as well. You could just brown your Ritz mixture on the stove and serve it on the side. You could even make it ahead of time. Can I substitute yellow mustard from a bottle for the dry mustard?

You really can use any type of mustard for mac and cheese. I ran out of dry mustard so I tried yellow and it was fine. For me, Macaroni and Cheese is a meal and entree, without adding anything extra to it. Anything extra, is usually something served as a side dish with it, but not necessarily in it. I accidentally came across this site and slow cooker recipe. OMG I have to make this for my boyfriend and me. I am just wondering if I can do chunks of cheese and shredded cheese or if I should do one or the other?

I would recommend chunk cheese because the shredded cheese has something coated on it to keep the cheese from sticking together … which will affect the texture of the cooked dish. What do I do if I put too much cheese — it plopped out of the bag so I have an extra cup of cheese…. I have loved Mac and cheese since I was old enough to say it my Mom said I called it little skets, little spaghetti I will def.

I made this last night for dinner. I added chunked ham and green bell pepper to it and a squirt of sriacha. Like others I was skeptical about the mayonnaise but MAN! Definitely a keeper!

Crock Pot Mac and Cheese

As written approx. My crockpot is a 3 qt. Thanks so much. Mayonnaise is mostly comprised of oil and eggs. So using mayo in a recipe like this is to hold the cheese sauce together and keep it from becoming too watery or having too much oil from the cheeses separate. Some people feel the same way about cheese. I do not like store bought mayonnaise, however I make my own mayonnaise, and I am a health nut foodie, so this recipe is definitely delicious and also really loaded with good saturated fats which our body really needs.

The best recipe that I have tried for home made mayo is Bacon Fat Mayo. You should definitely use local pastured pig bacon fat, and local farm fresh eggs for your may. This Bacon Mayo is both nutritious and delicious and it adds an entire new dimension to this recipe. I use our Blend-Tec Blender to make this, but any blender, food processor or a bowl and whisk will do.

Place the whole egg, mustard, lemon juice and seasoning in the mixer. Mix well, I use the blender at about 4 the whole time. Slowly add the bacon fat — small amounts at a time. Once the the mix is thick and creamy you can add the rest of the fat more quickly. Any idea how many servings is in the original so I know how to adjust for the party size?

I have fresh farm eggs.. I have over 30 plus chickens.. Is you cook the bacon and save the grease from that….. I have a small container in my freezer where i keep bacon grease. I do a lot of cooking and people are always asking me for my recipes.

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I have stopped giving out my recipes because I constantly get calls to see if they can change an ingredient. Here is my answer. Use the recipe given and if you want to change it go ahead, but don bother the person that gave you the recipe they way they make it. I certainly liked mayonnaise on different sandwiches, and in egg, chicken, and tuna salad. I too was turned off by the thought of using mayo. Recipe Rating. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Ready to ditch processed food and get fresh ingredient recipes? Jump to Recipe. Pin Share 3. Prep Time. Cook Time. Total Time. If you want an amazingly simple dinner with tons of fresh flavor right from your slow cooker, look no further than this Slow Cooker Chicken Pasta with Corn and Goat Cheese. Slow Cooker Gourmet. Add chicken, broth and seasoning blend to slow cooker. Cover and cook on high hours or low for until chicken is cooked through. Remove chicken and set aside and stir in goat cheese until melted. Cover and let heat on high for about another 15 minutes until sauce is thickened, add salt and pepper to taste.

Toss pasta with sauce, corn, fresh tomatoes, basil and crumbled goat cheese. Nutrition Facts. Calories Calories from Fat Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium 9. Iron Love EASY recipes as much as we do? There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.